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TGIFreedom Vision

At TGIFreedom, our vision is to enlighten the fait h and trust of self-love in all women around the world, so that they can live with passion and joy while creating abundance as they see fit!

It is our mission to support women and guide them to clear away any feeling of insecurity, any worry and/or anxiety no matter what stage in life they are at. Having direction is knowing versus not knowing what is next.​With coaching and a bit of hard work, you will attain a higher state of conscious and subconscious awareness allowing you to begin each day with grace, gratitude and confidence, propelling you to move toward that infinite freedom and abundance you desire.

TGIFreedom knows that there is more for us women! It is our purpose to guide you to be the woman you were born to be, to untie the apron strings and ignite your passions, to explore, to create, and fulfill your worthy goals - one at a time. Why? Because YOU ARE DESERVING and WORTH IT!

Are you ready to revitalize your life and live your authentic self, full of heart and soul?

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Setting and Achieving Ambitious Goals

"Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe it's about un-becoming everything that isn't really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place."

~Paulo Coelho


~ Charmaine Muzyka

Creative Strategy - Graphic & Web Design

Susie's webinar series 'Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs' broke my brain right open and brought up all of the things in my life that I've let hold me back, all the things that don't serve me and helped me picture a more positive, prosperous future. Susie makes space for you, she listens and she is absolutely full of knowledge and experience. I highly recommend a chat with her if you're feeling stuck, trapped or held back from your potential.

~ Leila C

Executive Administrative Assistant

I was at the period of my life that my kids were grown, and my focus was no longer required to be 100% on them. I have always been a believer in the fact that the mind is a powerful thing and this program completely confirmed that. This exceptional program has taught me how our thoughts and beliefs can be transformed and how we can change or expand on our habits to achieve any of our dreams, be it personally, professionally, health or anything to improve our lives. Since starting this program, I have received the largest salary increase in my 10-year tenure with my company and have improved all aspects of my life for the positive. I encourage anyone who wants to learn and improve to invest in themselves and take this program!

~ Jo-Ann Jagiello

Legal Assistant

Studying this program has greatly assisted me in being much more aware of my thinking as well as determining what my purpose is moving into this next stage of life. I am so grateful for the program and Susie's coaching as I have established what my true passion is and what it is I want to work towards. I would recommend this program to any woman wanting to change their lives for the better as I would never have discovered my passion and what I can look forward to in the future without it.

~ Ewa Krempa

Success Coach

Right from the onset of studying lesson 1 of the program I started noticing positive shifts occurring both in my personal and professional life. With each lesson, I made dramatic changes, making decisions and taking steps that are propelling me forward in creating joy in my life by releasing all that doesn’t serve me. Susie’s guidance through each lesson has helped me to recognize and change my paradigms, one at a time, continuously supporting me as I move away from the perceived role of the victim of circumstances to the conscious creator of my present and future. I highly recommend this program as I would not be where I am today without it and I truly believe it can help everyone in any area of their life.

~ Carolina Llamas-García

The day I regained the will to live.

Susie, maybe you didn't realize that thanks to your time, your words, your hug and your look of compassion you gave me back my life, yes you gave me back my life that day when we met simply for "coffee".

When going through sad and painful moments and without seeing the exit, you took the time to listen to me, give me support and make me look at life in a different way. I asked God to send me an angel and I was presented you, Susie, who not only gave me a hand to change my thoughts, be grateful and look for a better future, but also helped put my ideas in order and view all options for business opportunities.

Susie, I have no words to thank you for saving me that day when my depression blinded me to move on. Susie I hope that you know how valuable you are and that the world needs people like you, who are willing to help so that we are better, you are an inspiration for all of us who are in this process of change, your knowledge is wide and full of love and compassion.

A thousand and a thousand thanks for saving my life and filling me with purpose.

Thank you so much.

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